OASIS WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS 8.5mg British Army Issue Survival Tabs Genuine


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Camping and survival


Hydration, Misc camping

Number of tablets

10 tablets, 25 tablets, 50 tablets, 100 tablets, 5 tablets


We supply you the tablets UNBOXED  –  We buy them in bulk to get you the best deal we can.

Each tablet contains 8.5mg of NaDCC (Sodium dichloroisocyanurate) and is enough to make 1 litre of water safe for drinking.

These are very compact an dgreat to keep for camping, hiking, bushcraft ANY survival situation just in case you cannot guarantee clean water

Expiry date is 2024.

The manufacturer states:

Oasis tablets destroy harmful bacteria found in contaminated water and protect against illness caused by water borne diseases.

Instructions for use:


  • Dissolve 1 tablet per 1 litre of drinking water
  • Always stir the solution to ensure even distribution of the active ingredient
  • Leave for 30 minutes before drinking
For Full Instructions for use and Further Information, please see the official website: oasiswaterpurification.com



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