BCB Fire Dragon Gel Fuel 200ml Camping Hiking Bushcraft


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Weight 223 g



Camping and survival


Cooking and eating


FireDragon Gel fuel is an ideal companion for all outdoor pursuits.

Whether in driving rain, the freezing arctic or searing heat, the fuel will perform in extreme conditions.

Easy to Light in all weather conditions– all it takes is one spark from a flint & striker, lighter or matches

Rapid Boil – Immediate intense heat – Boils quicker than meth’s

Non-Toxic Burn – odourless, clean burn

No-Drip – The non-flowing gel and bottleneck widget prevent leakage

Clean Burn – No mess on your pots and pans

All Weather – FireDragon gel is waterproof and will burn even when wet. The ultimate all weather gel fuel

8 Great reason to use FireDragon over Competing brands

1 – Suitable for all weather – Come heavy rain or strong wind FireDragon will burn intensely

2 – Eco-Friendly – FireDragon is made from vegetable waste making it a sustainable and eco-friendly fuel

3 – Easy to light – If it’s a match, lighter or even a spark FireDragon fuel is very easy to light

4 – Safe with food – FireDragon doesn’t give of any toxic or noxious fumes making it safe to cook with

5 – Compatible with most cookers – Whether it’s our Gel or Solid FireDragon Fuel is compatible with most outdoor/camping cookers

6 – Lightweight – Each block of FireDragon solid is individually wrapped and only 27g (1oz)

7 – Long burn time – one block 27g (1oz) block of FireDragon Will Bun for approximately 10-12 minuets

8 – Low Luminosity – Because FireDragon is so clean it gives off very little light



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